Our Story


There's a story behind our name. 'DXY' (pronounced D-X-Y) was derived from the Leibniz notation for higher derivatives which is used in calculus.

DXY is renowned for being a visionary for technology design and development. We create new, bespoke, digital products and services for clients world-wide. We build apps. We create IoT and embedded devices. Our team is a group of passionate professionals comprising of analysts, designers, and technologists that take a design-inspired approach to creating thoughtfully elegant technologies. What we do improves our client’s business.

Daniel Young established DXY in September 2006 in Cleveland.
At the time, mobile technology was not widely adopted in the consumer market, and most of DXY's clients were enterprise clients, such as Diebold, Standard Register, and FedEx. DXY's prime challenge was in educating the market on the types of mobile technology available as well as convincing users to understand why they would opt for using a smartphone over a laptop.

In 2007, with the launch of the iPhone, everything changed.

The introduction of the iPhone was a boom to our business, allowing DXY to quickly grow and expand in Cleveland and beyond.


In 2013, DXY opened our office in Berlin, a city that has become the epicenter for technology and design innovation in Europe.
Berlin is our main office in Europe, where the majority of design team resides.

As we've grown, we've kept our team structure as flat as possible to promote knowledge sharing and team building through encouraged continuous, informal discussions. We also placed a high value on coaching and training sessions known as 'roundtables' to ensure everyone in DXY is up to date on the latest technology.

In 2017, as DXY celebrates its 11th year, the agency is refocused on development of the best mobile apps for medical, business, and the Internet of Things (IoT).