DXY Does Natural Language Processing & Bots

The more a machine learns, the more effectively it can mimic cognitive functions and behaviors as well as provide a stronger user experience.

Profile image Posted by Paul McAvinchey on March 29, 2017

DXY - What is the purpose of Mood Boards?

In the field of the Visual & Interaction Design, Mood Boards show a collection of pictures, interfaces, devices and content related to the target audience we want to address.

Profile image Posted by Luca Murgia on March 28, 2017

DXY Spring Open House

Please join us to celebrate Spring at our open house on April 5, 2017 in our Cleveland office. We'll welcome guests at 6:00PM.

Profile image Posted by Daniel Young on March 23, 2017

What is the Purpose of Wireframes?

A series of principles that the DXY team takes in account during the design process, and a bit of guidance on how to keep on track during the hectic ideation phase.

Profile image Posted by Luca Murgia on March 23, 2017

Hack Night: Functional Programming

We're hosting the "λ cleveland -> func" hack night, a meeting to discuss all things related to functional programming, and work on functional programming projects with both enthusiasts and novices!

Posted by Parker McCurley on March 21, 2017

NLX: Are You Prepared for a Revolution?

Across B2C and B2B industries, players are rushing to integrating Natural Language Interfaces ("NLX") into their apps, revolutionizing how people interact with their technologies.

Profile image Posted by Daniel Young on March 15, 2017

DXY Does Blockchain - What It Is and How It May Change Your Life

In today’s DXY Does newsletter we explore Blockchain – its origins, applications and what it means for you.

Profile image Posted by Paul McAvinchey on March 14, 2017

Meetup: Discuss cryptocurrency, blockchains, decentralized technology

We'll be having an open discussion about "blockchain technology", cryptocurrency, trustless decentralized systems, and what that means for society and the world at-large.

Profile image Posted by Paul McAvinchey on March 13, 2017

Meet our European-Based Development Team

We'd like to introduce our Kosovo-based development team. They're an expansion of our Cleveland-based team, working to produce more amazing websites and mobile apps.

Profile image Posted by Daniel Young on March 08, 2017

Embedding Empathy within Technology

Daniel Young, Founder and CEO of DXY, talks about the importance of empathy in user experience design.

Profile image Posted by Felix Wieduwilt on February 20, 2017

Tips for Designing Text Elements on iOS

Learn some best-practices for creating iOS apps that stand out from the crowd.

Profile image Posted by BJ Miller on February 04, 2017

Asset Tracking with Bluetooth

We've created a Bluetooth sensor to monitor and track assets in warehouses and storage facilities.

Profile image Posted by Daniel Young on January 25, 2017

Tech Roundup #2: Augmented Reality is ready for Enterprise and Industry

After visiting Augmented Reality World Expo (AWE) in Berlin lately, we are convinced that AR will be part of plenty of Enterprise and Industrie Solutions very soon.

Profile image Posted by Guido Gleinser on November 22, 2016