Business Design and Strategy

Business Design

DXY works with our clients to develop new business. We take a humanist approach, where innovation begins with your customers' needs. We apply principals of design thinking with an entrepreneural approach to conceptualize and develop new opportunities for your business. We connect our ideas with a solid plan, integrating customer empathy, experience design, and business strategy.

User Insight

Creating products/services that power a strong business requires a keen insight into your customers and users. We use experimental and observational techniques, behavioral analysis, and psychological theories. Our methodologies improve usability and desirability throughout the design, development, and refinement of a new product or service.

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Ideation Workshops

To better understand the needs of a project's key stakeholders, users, and/or potential customers, we organize and facilitate workshops based on design-thinking methodologies. These workshops are structured to help uncover new ideas and perspectives on a product or service while establishing consensus around common project goals and objectives.

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Product Strategy

We provide clients with an evidence-based plan for the lifecycle of their product and service. We conduct thorough examination and evaluation of the goals and objectives of a business, specific to their brand and their objectives. We use this data to create a product/service road map, giving our clients a clear direction as to execution, release, and follow-through.

User Experience


Service Design

We create designed experiences for customers. Our consultants orchestrate how a customer or end-user will engage with a service. We design the front and back office interactions between our client and their customer, to generate a plan that is efficient, engaging, and user friendly.

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Interaction Design

We take a design-first approach to crafting the software and technology we deliver to our clients. We use the analysis and research generated by our consultants and marketers. Our user experience ("UX") team creates the information architecture and structure for the technology we create.

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Visual Interface Design

Building off the work of our UX designers, our visual designers create the “look and feel” of our apps, websites, and services—the graphic and physical interface for our technology.

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Identity and Branding

Our design and marketing teams work together to develop identities and branding for the new products and services we create for our clients. They're able to deliver what's needed, may it be a logo design or complete branding guidelines.

Software Development

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Mobile Applications

DXY has over ten years of experience developing software for mobile devices. We can create software for Apple's iOS and Watch, Android and Android Wear, as well as Windows.

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Web Development

Our web developers are masters with their craft. Our backend team is familiar with a variety of technologies ranging from Microsoft, SAP, and Oracle to Ruby, NodeJS, Python, and others. Our front-end developers work with HTML5, CSS, and other tech to create rich, responsive user experiences, leveraging the best technologies for desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

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Quality Assurance

Working in partnership with our design and engineering teams, we have a quality assurance ("QA") team who are experts at testing methodologies and protocols, ensuring that the software we deliver is ready for consumers and end-users. Visual interface designs will be vetted for accuracy and continuity, and functional prototypes will be rigorously tested. Our QA and development teams will deploy various approaches to check functionality, performance, and stability of the technology we build.

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Project Management

Complex and detailed projects require thorough project management to stay on time and on budget. When we get started on the project, we'll appoint a member of our team to serve as the 'DXY Lead' who will be the project manager ('PM') for DXY and the liaison with your team. Our PM directs the efforts of our consultants, designers, and developers. Throughout the lifecycle of your project, our PMs utilize agile and hybrid methodologies to ensure that deadlines and expectations are met.

Product Design


Industrial Design

As an evolution from our engineering of connected devices, we have a team of industrial designers who create the physical embodiment of our technology. We work to convert our clients' ideas and business objectives into a working vision for a new product, coordinating requirements with aesthetic considerations. We guide our clients through a process that starts with sketched concepts and continues through to manufacturing.

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Electrical Engineering

Developing connected devices and embedded electronics has been one of our core competencies going back to 2009. We have a team of engineers who have designed medical devices, home automation systems, automotive, Bluetooth, wireless and connected technologies.

Product Prototypes

Product prototypes evolve our product design concepts into physical form. They demonstrate form and function. May they be low-resolution mockups or fully functional, manufacture-ready versions of the product, each aide in communicating the underlying business design and the shared vision for a new product.

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DXY provides assistance with manufacturing smart devices for the Internet of Things. Our team works closely with our global network of material and component suppliers, contract manufacturers, and distribution partners to ensure the quality, cost, and delivery schedules align.