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Asset Tracking with Bluetooth

We've created a Bluetooth sensor to monitor and track assets in warehouses and storage facilities.

Profile image Posted by Daniel Young on January 25, 2017

DXY goes to Web Summit 2016 in Lisbon

You can meet us in Lisbon at Europes largest Web and Tec Conference from November 6th till November 10th.

Profile image Posted by Guido Gleinser on October 29, 2016

Artificial Intelligence and UX

In the next twenty years, we expect to see artificial intelligence playing a more active role in how designers create a stronger, personalized user experience.

Profile image Posted by Daniel Young on September 16, 2015

DXY at the Augmented World Expo

On October 18 and19, the world's largest congress on Augmented Reality will take place in Berlin.

Posted by Laura De Las Salas on October 11, 2016

Using Technology at Conferences

A well-planned conference app provides a higher level of engagement, adding considerable value to both exhibitors and attendees.

Profile image Posted by Daniel Young on July 21, 2016

Designing a Sense of Community

During a retreat in Barcelona with a group of mobile technology professionals, a discussion ensued on how mobile technology can facilitate a greater sense of community.

Profile image Posted by Daniel Young on March 23, 2013

There's a Parallel to Design

Mobile apps exist in the physical word. Thus their development parallels industrial design.

Profile image Posted by Daniel Young on July 09, 2012

NLP: Are You Prepared for a Revolution?

Across B2C and B2B industries, players are rushing to integrating Natural Language Interfaces ("NLX" or "NLP") into their apps, revolutionizing how people interact with their technologies.

Profile image Posted by Daniel Young on March 15, 2017

DXYDOES: The Responsibility to Create

DXYDOES is a series of events that will focus on creations that enrich our business, social, and creative lives. Our first installment will feature speaker Ian Charnas of Thinkbox.

Profile image Posted by Matt Bolden on August 16, 2017

Disrupting Unsexy Industries

As the organizer of TechPint and the client services guy here at DXY, I'm fortunate to hear a wide breadth of stories relating to business and technology in Northeast Ohio.

Profile image Posted by Paul McAvinchey on October 11, 2015

Batteries and Mobile Apps

Batteries and communications technologies have been intrinsically connected with mobile technology, the Internet of Things, and the development of modern society.

Profile image Posted by Daniel Young on August 18, 2015

Digital Wayfinding and iBeacons

Digital wayfinding helps people navigate through internal spaces; it's a powerful technology.

Profile image Posted by Felix Wieduwilt on April 13, 2016

DXY is a 2012 Weatherhead 100 Winner

DXY earns a top spot among startups in Northeast Ohio for 2012 by winning the Weatherhead 100 award from CWRU.

Profile image Posted by Daniel Young on December 15, 2012

Team Granted US Patent 8,725,682

A team from DXY was granted US Patent number 8,725,682 for the distribution and synchronization of digital objects.

Posted by Andrew Borgia on September 08, 2011

Amazon's AWS IoT and IoT Security

After acquiring Internet of Things (IoT) company 2lemetry in early 2015, it should come as no surprise that Amazon released its AWS IoT offering into “Open Beta” this past October.

Profile image Posted by Chris Armenio on November 02, 2015

Budgeting is a Challenge

Learn about the myriad of components to consider when budgeting for a mobile app.

Profile image Posted by Daniel Young on July 23, 2012

This is a Good Problem-Solving Story

In the 1950s, Henry Kremer issued a challenge: design a human-powered aircraft. Many tried and failed because they were solving the wrong problem.

Profile image Posted by Daniel Young on January 15, 2012

Managing Change in a Project

Change is to be expected in complex projects. Having a robust change management process differentiates projects that succeed and those that don't; a point of pride for DXY.

Profile image Posted by Daniel Young on January 18, 2016

Do You See the Smartphone?

A well designed piece of technology should be transparent, fading into the background of a user’s consciousness, freeing them to engage in their desired task.

Profile image Posted by Daniel Young on June 14, 2016

Designing for the Internet of Things

Developing a connected device for the Internet of Things poses challenges, requiring a balanced, multidisciplinary approach to the design process.

Profile image Posted by Daniel Young on February 27, 2016

DXY Does Natural Language Processing & Bots

The more a machine learns, the more effectively it can mimic cognitive functions and behaviors as well as provide a stronger user experience.

Profile image Posted by Paul McAvinchey on March 29, 2017